EccO Arms - the highest quality Eccentric Hook Weight Releasers available.

EccO Arms : Your muscles work in 2 directions.  Don't  only train one of them.

Bench Boosters : Transfer power from the floor.

The Bench Boosters are for maximizing leg drive during the concentric press, while the EccO Arms allow ultra-maximal force during the eccentric phase of the lift.  Eccentrics allow for as much as 30% over your concentric 1RM.

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How Eccentric Overload Weight Releasers work

Preparing the lift


With multiple holes to set your release point, choose the position that triggers the release where you desire.  In this example, each EccO arm as a 25lb plate added in addition to the 13 lbs of the EccO arm itself.  Here, they are set to drop off 3 inches above a parallel squat position.  This means that during the descent, or eccentric phase of the lift, the lifter will experience an additional 76lbs.

Have full control prior to the start


Once the weight is under full control of the lifter and stable, they will begin the slow and controlled descent for the necessary duration of time according to their programming.  Usually 4-10 seconds in length.

Slow and steady


As your muscles elongate during your eccentric phase of the movement, the overload forces coupled with the slow descent helps you build better neuro-muscular pathways to all of the muscle groups involved. 

Focus on your weak positions


As you pass through different zones, and the muscle groups distribute the load to new areas, you will find your weak points.  It is important to maintain both speed and control when this occurs.

Reaching the weight release


Once the desired depth has been achieved, the design of the EccO Arms will force the weight to release from the bar, and move themselves out of the bar's lifting path.

Perform your normal rep range


The slow eccentric descent phase is now complete, and the lifter can finish their normal given rep range with a focus on  concentric muscle activity.

Back Squat

Deadlift Accessories

Hundo Wheels

100lb plate wagon wheel for deadlift.  Hundo Wheels

Tired of stacking boxes or rubber mats to to block pulls? Eliminate wasted gym time, and up the safety factor with these 30.25" tall wheels. Ideal for lifters to easily work the top of the deadlift with the mid-range starting point to focus on the glutes and erectors.

Pop Block


Measuring 12" x 16" on the top and 2" tall, the all-surface steel stands are used to work the floor start of the deadlift by lowering your natural starting position of the bar relative to your body.  The bottom of the Pop Block has industrial rubber sheets to maintain position on all gym surfaces, while the top has a sheet of skateboard grade grip tape.

60lb Wagon Wheels


The smaller cousin of the Hundo Wheels stand only 26" tall, and are made to work the lower transition phase of the lift from the end of the hamstrings -> to hips -> to glutes -> to erectors.

They are also ideal for other lifts such as Pendlay Rows due to an elevate starting position.

Deadlift Video Examples

Note the starting bar position on my 5'5" frame is approximately 1-1/2" below the bottom of my knee cap.

Pop Blocks provide a solid foundation to perform your deficit deadlifts and prevents unsafe setups.

The smaller diameter of 26" allows for a starting position on my 5'5" frame approximately 3-1/2" below my kneecap.

Bench Press Tools

                                                      EccO Arms + Bench Boosters = Gains

EccO Arm Mobility Hoop Accessory Lifts

Pinocchio Hold and Press

EccO Mobility Hoop Paused Incline Front Raises

Take your bench and squat to the next level


Elite totals can be yours

As a 165 pound lifter, I first began using the EccO arms in August 2017, my bench press had been stuck at 345 pounds in training for almost 6 months.  After 6 months of use, I increased to 375 pounds, by incorporating the EccO arms into my existing training twice per week.

My back squat has shown similar results, by going from 405 to 450 over the same time period.

Elite Powerlifter and Coach David Osborn of OPS Gym - " There's no way I would have hit 500 on bench without them. Literally everyone I have use them, makes bench improvements within a week or two.  The way they strengthen the bar path during the descent is just uncanny.  Probably my favorite bench tool ever."  ( (@daveatops)


How do I use these things?

EccO Arms-

Slow vs.Superslow Eccentric Movements : Time under tension is load dependent.

*If you are using 60% of concentric max, there should be a 10-12 second eccentric descent under tension. 

*At 85% of concentric max, there should be at least 4 second eccentric phase

* As a general rule of thumb:  stay between 60-85% and 2-12 seconds depending on load, exercise, and  muscles being utilized. 

Bench Boosters-

Align your normal foot position with the blocks when you set up to bench. Our data has shown a 30% increase in bar speed with 85%+ loads on the bench press.  The ergonomic height will increase your leg drive and transfer power more efficiently to the bar.


Made in the USA

While competing as a powerlifter and working at our small, family owned, machine shop, my quest for progress for both squat and bench led me to static weight releasers.  

After unsuccessfully searching the web, it became apparent that I  could make them myself.  I began by drawing them in our CAD program and came up with the name  EccO Arms, which is short for Eccentric Overload.

We handle the entire production process "in house" by cutting the individual parts out of plate steel on our waterjets.  Next they are machined, assembled. welded, and inspected.  Lastly, each set is primed and painted to order.

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